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Originally Posted by exile
Good question. Rich, at my farm in NC I had a nut for a neighbor come on the property to tell a crew from Morton Building's to cease work on the barn because it was "the Lords day". Of course he was drunk or he probably wouldn't have done this, but when I told him to get off the property he drew a 45 Colt semi, pointed it to the sky and cocked it as he left the property. I drove downtown immediately to speak to the law. When I told them that he had not pointed the gun at me, they said sorry, they couldn't do a thing. I was absolutely floored.
Next time I won't be so honest about where the gun was pointed when I feel I have been threatened on my property
In your shoes, that guy had better not come onto my property again. I would have considered his action with that gun a threat, and if had the opportunity, would have dropped him thinking I was in mortal danger. There were just two alcohol soaked brain cells between him turning around and walking away, or pointing the gun at you and pulling the trigger.

In my opinion, that guy was "brandishing" a firearm as a threat and the LEOs should have interpreted it that way. He had no other reason to pull out that gun in your presence. He was on YOUR property confronting YOU in a threatening manner. And I believe in Florida, you could have legally shot him as a justifiably perceived threat. Not very neighborly, I know, but neither is pulling a gun on you.
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